About Us

SANTHOSH ENGINEERING was established in 2004 with single-minded dedication to quality and reliability in the field of manufacturing, and has put the company in a class of its own specialists in Fixtures, Precision Gauging and SPM.

Utilizing the finest expertise available and with the use of advanced technology it has brought unparallel quality in the wide range of Fixtures & multi gauging and a new meaning to customization.

we manufacture products meeting International quality & standards. Due to our excellent quality assortments and cost effective price range, we have attained the trust of a number of eminent clients in India.


SANTHOSH ENGINEERING is the Leading fixture design and manufacturer in India. We earn our customerís enthusiasm because we enjoy the opportunity to provide efficiency by design, manufacturing and service.


SANTHOSH ENGINEERING reduces costs for its customers in three ways:
1.Excellence in Fixture Design & Manufacturing using systems and methods that reduce time and errors.
2.Maintaining Quality from the beginning of the process flow.